Risk management

This module is a risk management software which takes into account human risks. Its use in conjunction with a BI software enables to anticipate the results in a precise way thanks to reports taking into account all elements (material, time, finances, employees’ morale …) needed for a project to move forward. The process is simple and quick, using quick response questionnaires.



This solution is designed to be as close as possible to what companies want by enabling them to:

Predict in a very precise way the final result of the year before it has even begun

Prevent human risks related to the implementation of projects, production or even daily work in order to guarantee deadlines and also costs

How it works

This module enables the company to monitor “employee morale” on a daily basis, i.e., their “state of health”. Health status refers to both physical well-being (onset of illness, fatigue, etc.) and moral well-being (stress, risk of burn-out ….). Preserving the health of employees also means preserving the company’s (or administration’s) ability to perform.

The image on the right shows the “business objectives” of the year for each month. By adding the “human risks”, it is then possible to foresee the areas of potential failure (drop in performance, slowdown, etc.) which will lead to slippage in project time, i.e. ultimately to an increase in costs.

“Anticipating means preventing the risk of the project(s) going off track, thus maintaining deadlines and avoiding any risk of financial loss. It also means ensuring that staff are motivated.”


Easy to use

Automatic data entry and feedback

Reduction of daily or weekly feedback discussions using predefined “smiles”

Quick questions to the Manager about the feeling with regard to his/her employees

Behavioural impact analysis on major projects

Behavioural impact analysis on all projects in the company


Knowing the point in time when an employee becomes ill, stressed or otherwise

To be able to help or temporarily backup a staff member who is in need of assistance

Avoiding long periods of absence

Maintaining project timelines

Avoiding increases in project costs

Maintaining a climate of trust and/or serenity in the company


In any managerial approach, it is certainly necessary to have a global vision but also to be able to pick up all kinds of signals, including “weak signals”, in order to make informed decisions, while avoiding the risk of errors. This is precisely the purpose of this module.

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