Simplified Transport Management

Our transport management applications are designed for all types of transport: deliveries (transport of materials), school and private buses, regular buses, transport of skips (waste). They make it possible to manage transport routes, prices, drivers, invoices, vehicles, etc.

This module is an extension of the Sysengage module.

Transport of equipment and waste containers

The transport of material is managed in Syslog by what is called a “Project”. A project consists of one or more orders for the shipment of materials. It allows the generation of Sales Proposals and invoices. All events involving creation and modification of sales proposals and invoices are tracked.


Logistics management

Route management

Route planning

Printable summaries, exportable to PDF

Management of operations (loading, unloading)

Invoice management

Accessible on mobile phone

Bus transport (school, private, regular)

Syslog has developed a solution for managing bus routes. Whether it is for school buses, charter buses or regular bus lines, our solution is customisable depending on your needs.


Detailed description of the routes

Printable feasibility request (see image)

Calculation rules for prices and charges

Sales proposal for printing or browsing online

Generation and planning of orders from a sales proposal

Planning with visualization and printing of the roadmaps

Available in web version (for mobile phones)

Invoicing of hours and kilometres