Time Management

The module is interfaced with other Syslog solutions in order to allow simple dialogue with salary, accounting, invoicing, and to process data quickly.



Complete definition of different working rules in the company (multiple schedules: fixed, flexible, with locked time intervals, shifts, type of working hours, calendars, etc.)

Parameter setting of sequences and recording rules (arrival, departure, pause, etc.)

Unlimited number of computation formulas and wage types (shift work)

Work group management (hierarchical position, responsibilities, etc.)

Management and planning of the personnel with history of changes

Management and planning of absences

Complete information on recording and balances based on dynamic selection criteria

Inquiry on balance from recording stations

Generation of lists based on dynamic selection criteria

Printing of badges for collaborators

Customised scoreboards (absences, holidays, extra hours, etc.)

Tablet-type stamping station with Wi-Fi/cable/mobile connection.