CRM Syslog is directly related to the central management applications for contracts, offers, orders and invoices. For example, management of customer follow-up, follow-up of offers and invoices, as well as creating data extracts according to specific needs.
Unlike most CRMs on the market, the Syslog CRM module is an integral part of the overall Syslog solution, i.e. the ERP. This has great advantages such as avoiding duplicate entries, and online viewing of everything that touches the target. If this target is a customer, the user will have all the information concerning him (addresses, orders, possible litigations, projects …).


Management of customer or prospective customer data

Full integration with the ERP to avoid double entry

Compliances with the steps of the sales process: Prospecting, Assessment, Proposal, Negotiation, Lost or Won

Predictive address capture for obtaining new leads/prospects based on predefined criteria (optional) or simply by transferring Excel, .csv files, etc.

Categorisation and identification of contacts, their contact details, their roles, their interests, etc.

Storage of all past actions or communications (letters, emails, invoices, etc.)

Complete management of customer and/or business portfolios that can be handled online with stakeholder participation (optional)

Management of contacts holding multiple postal and e-mail addresses

Extensive list sorting, filtering and grouping options with quick retrieval of data

Standard tracing of customer exchanges/complaints (with optional full ticketing)

Optimisation of marketing operations through the planning and execution of marketing campaigns such as e-mails, predictive phone calls, etc. (optional)

Presentation on simple dashboards (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) and simple reporting of several actions

Access to information and simple entries (notes, customer visit reports, order corrections, etc.) from anywhere (WEB application)

GDPR compliance

Creation of membership categories and contribution categories

Automated annual, half-yearly, quarterly, monthly or mixed invoicing

Data privacy

The CRM customer and prospective customer database meets the requirements of the GDPR. However, it is up to the company’s sales manager to ensure that in all forms of marketing mailings there is a possibility to unsubscribe and/or perform a special treatment in case a prospect does not want to be contacted anymore.

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