Employee management

The application manages and analyses the information related to the employees, in order to support the management of human resources, as well as helping managers in the recruiting processes.


Electronic management of the scanned documents of the personnel folder (Photos, CV, certificates, etc.)

Management of the personnel’s additional data (civil state, children, dependents, etc.)

Management of «benefits» awarded to the personnel (credit card, keys, parking spaces, CFF railway season ticket, etc.)

Dynamic creation of customised fields specific to a company (overalls, individual equipment, tooling, etc.)

Physical description of collaborators (eyeglass wearers, back pain, size of clothes lent, etc.)

Grouping, hierarchic classification, areas of responsibility of the personnel (organisational chart of the company)

    Training management and follow-up of professional career (language skills, retraining, promotions, practical experience, implementation of specific projects, etc.) with qualification requirements

    Managing appraisal interviews, linking with pre-existing forms

    Management of the correspondence sent to a collaborator

    Management and follow-up of job applications folders

    Online history of all information related to job applications concerning the personnel

    Generation of customised lists of the user’s choice, based on dynamic selection criteria

    Mailing, integration with Microsoft Office tools

    Management of an organisation chart (optional)

    Customisable scoreboards (age pyramid, absences, personnel turnover, etc.) (optional)