Management of extra-curricular activities

This 100% web-based module relieves municipal services of some of the tasks related to schools, while offering citizens a modern, practical and attractive service.

In addition to the management of compulsory education, some municipalities offer extra-curricular activities for children. These vary from one municipality to another: supervised homework, sports, cultural activities, Language courses for adults.

Our module offers you solutions for everything related to school and extra-curricular activities.



Parents can log in to the portal by receiving access

Consultation of online brochures in PDF format

Register for activities online

Parents have the same access for all their children

The activities offered to parents are only those to which the children are entitled (according to school year, age, registration limit, etc.)

Possibility to unsubscribe from activities until a specified date

Printable PDF diary for each child (with extra-curricular activities, holidays, etc.)

Quick notification to parents in case of activity cancellation

Attendance monitoring directly via Smartphone

Attendance and punctuality monitoring done by supervisors

Logging of overtime work

Extraction of data for transfer to accounting and payment of salaries