Operating ranges

This application is optimised for maximal integration with the commercial and financial applications.

  • multi-level nomenclature
  • classification in different types of items
  • information on each item
  • creation of manufacturing files
  • modification follow-up
  • operation type
  • operation description
  • execution location
  • preparation time
  • data screening
  • necessary components for completion
  • execution instructions
  • workstation parameters
  • tooling and CNC programmes
  • drawings and technical materials
  • control range
  • information on the control resources


The MRP application offers a set of features allowing to calculate the needs, and particularly a multi-level simulation module.

  • simulation application
  • automatic generation of needs
  • level by level breakdown methods
  • overall breakdown methods at all levels of nomenclature
  • breakdown methods from a particular need to the last level

Cost computation

It offers a simple and efficient way to evaluate the costs related to a manufacturing order thanks to pre-computing features, and can also reduce costs thanks to post-computing features.

  • evaluation of the effective costs of the manufacturing order,
  • transfer of cost variance on standard cost to the accounts
  • transfer of manufacturing costs according to the:
    • product group
    • project
    • combination product/project

Planning & scheduling

Optimal targeting and distribution of tasks performed to meet the needs in an adequate and precise way at the customer’s request.

  • proposal of production batches
  • batch grouping to minimise launching effects
  • batch scattering according to specific constraints
  • according to possible operating ranges
  • according to the availability of resources
  • according to the production batch
  • various types of scheduling in production planning

  • taking into account inter-operating times
  • taking into account production orders
  • possibility to use subcontracting in case of absence or in case production means are saturated

Production monitoring

Informs the management on the progress of work. Measures the efficiency of the production and can inform the customer on the progress of orders.

  • operations after operations by simply entering completed quantities and attendance time of operators
  • by exporting the information to a monitoring sheet
  • by a pointing device using a badge and stamping units
  • automatic generation of purchase orders
  • downloading the production order and stock supplying at delivery entry
  • immediate proposal for the destination of spare parts

Production time

The application uses a time component to manage some processes in the production chain.

  • updating of operating time and costs,
  • updating of the capacities of charging units
  • checking of staff attendance time

Outsourcing management

Cette application est une réponse adéquate aux besoins relatifs à la gestion de la sous-traitance intervenant dans la chaîne de production.

  • automatic generation of purchase orders
  • downloading the production order and stock supplying at delivery entry
  • immediate proposal for the destination of spare parts
  • acceptance of different management methods


Provides the necessary information for identifying the products (composition, origin, etc.), from production to distribution.

  • follow-up of items by batch and/or serial N°
  • follow-up of guaranties and other repair work
  • possibility of printing control certificates
  • managements of loans and consignment
  • waste management