Conventional CRM

CRM Syslog is directly related to the central management applications for contracts, offers, orders and invoices. For example, management of customer follow-up, follow-up of offers and invoices, as well as creating data extracts according to specific needs.

  • centralised management of addresses
  • management of standard activities (telephone, visits,
    complaints, incidents, etc.)
  • management of activities related to the organisation
  • possibility of defining automatic activities in response to specific actions
  • inquiry and offer management
  • automatic offer management
  • automatic opening of the customer file during a phone call (IP hub compliant software TAPI required)
  • possible contact from the customer file
  • management of different customer extracts (Excel ou Syslog BI)
  • Word merge performance
  • definition of standard document models for merging
  • management of mailing
  • possibility of various interfacing (Mail-Chimp, etc.)
  • generation of campaigns per customer grouping code
  • follow-up management:
    • per customer
    • per campaign
  • dynamic planning and task manager
  • possibility to generate different indicators (CA customers, etc.)
  • possibility to attach documents


CRM Board Syslog provides you with an overall and clear view of the current state of customer data. Each collaborator can manage their own activities but can also see the activities of other collaborators.

  • series of charts representing different indicators
  • possibility to select the indicators to be displayed
  • display of a dynamic planning and a calendar (synchronisation with Outlook)
  • direct link to direct mail
  • direct link to mail box (Syslog Mails) and possibility to select mails according to :
    • client
    • mail adress
    • date
    • sender
  • internal (collaborators) and external chat windows (customers)

CRM in the digital era

The CRM Syslog application was created to be used everywhere, any time and from all electronic devices.

  • full web application: all CRM features are accessible from a web browser
  • multi-support application: accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone
  • offline mode available: possibility to use CRM application without any Internet connection

Trade management

The Gest Co application manages the chain from the creation of an offer to its outcome, i.e. an invoice. Once the invoice is printed and validated, it is sent to the Accounts receivable applications. It offers a set of features such as customer, contract, offer, price, and order management. In order to facilitate administrative burden, it also offers various features directly linked to the system.

  • overall management of a customer map library, its ranking in the customer hierarchy
  • overall management of the product/service map library and its ranking in the product/service hierarchy
  • possibility to perform the recurring billing of a fixed amount, at specified time intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually)
  • event history (creation or modification of a customer, printing of an invoice, offer, etc)
  • content setting parameter for an offer (choice of items, etc.)
  • possibility of attaching images as well as descriptions or calculation rules
  • possibility of ranking per offer type
  • management of different types of origins (following an offer or direct entry)
  • controlling¬†of all the posts of an oder when it is generated
  • automatic or manual generation of orders
  • confirmation of order after generation
  • creation of a price table, allowing defining different prices for an item in a very precise way
  • possibility to define several prices for an item, a group of items, a customer, a group of customers or a precise customer
  • management of time stamp and signature
  • direct entry or issue of orders or contracts
  • definition of the type of invoice by the customer (e-invoice paynet, conxtrade OB10, Ariba) invoice by mail or paper
  • possibility to define an invoice record keeping process
  • possibility to attach appended documents to offers, invoices, contracts, etc.
  • printing and print manager
  • possibility to copy an offer, an order, offer, order or invoice posts
  • history (information on the creation or modification concerning a customer, printing an invoice, an offer, etc.)
  • control system and validation of modifications
  • possibility to export to Excel
  • multi-criteria access right manager