Resources management

Employee management

The application manages and analyses the informations related to the employees, in order to support the management of human resources, as well as helping managers in the recruiting processes. This application is certified Swissdec 4.0.

  • electronic management of the scanned documents of the personnel folder (Photos, CV, certificates, etc.)
  • management of contrats per collaborator
  • management of the personnel’s additional data (civil state, children, dependents, etc.)
  • management of «benefits» awarded to the personnel (credit card, keys, parking spaces, CFF railway season ticket, etc.)
  • management and follow-up of illnesses / accidents
  • dynamic creation of customised fields specific to a company (overalls, individual equipment, tooling, etc.)
  • physical description of collaborators (eyeglass wearers, back pain, size of clothes lent, etc.)
  • grouping, hierarchic classification, areas of responsibility of the personnel (organisational chart of the company)
  • training management and follow-up of professional career (language skills, retraining, promotions, practical experience, implementation of specific projects, etc.) with qualification requirements
  • management of appraisals
  • management of the correspondance sent to a collaborator
  • management and follow-up of job applications folders
  • history of all information related to job applications concerning the personnel
  • generation of lists based on dynamic selection criteria for direct mail
  • possibility to transfer the data to Excel or Word
  • management of an organisational chart
  • customisable scoreboards (age pyramid, absences, personnel turnover, etc.)

Time management

Time management allows the entry of time related information, according to the different activities of the collaborators. The application is interfaced with other Syslog solutions in order to allow simple dialogue with accounting, invoicing, and to process data quickly.

  • complete definition of different working rules in the company (multiple schedules: fixed, flexible, with locked time intervals, shifts, type of working hours, calendars, etc.)
  • parameter setting of sequences and recording rules (arrival, departure, pause, etc.)
  • unlimited number of computation formulas and wage types (shift work)
  • work group management (hierarchical position, responsibilities, etc.)
  • management and planning of the personnel with history of changes
  • management and planning of absences
  • complete information on recording and balances based on dynamic selection criteria
  • inquiry on balance from recording stations
  • generation of lists based on dynamic selection criteria
  • printing of badges for collaborators
  • customised scoreboards (absences, holidays, extra hours, etc.)

Salary management

Salary management application is certified Swissdec 4.0 and respects all legal requirements at the Confederation and Canton levels (AVS, unemployment, LAA, LPP, family allowances, etc.). Provides paper or electronic mailing via ELM standards, Swissdec certified.

  • basic data processing (addresses, date of birth, nationality, marital status, work permit, seniority date, etc.)
  • generation of customisable lists (deadlines for work permits, jubilees etc.)
  • management of commitment periods (number of unlimited commitments for the same collaborator)
  • multiple payment relations (distribution of salary to be paid on several accounts /beneficiaries, according to amount or percentage)
  • connection with analytical cost centres (distribution of a salary concerning one collaborator to several centres)
  • unlimited number of customised headings (amounts, rate, allowances, deductions, etc.)
  • parameter setting of an unlimited number of CCT or types of contracts.       Semi-automatic entries according to the CCT rules or type of contract
  • management of pay grids
  • modification history and anticipated entries
  • overall modification of data with control/correction of new data before final saving
  • overall mutation of data concerning collaborators
  • management of contracts per collaborator
  • unlimited number of types of salaries, computation formulas
  • free specification of calculation criteria
  • integrated processing of source tax according to the regulations applied in each canton
  • management of multiple rate taxes
  • complete parameter setting of payslip and printing in the language of the employee
  • salary calculation simulation
  • possibility to calculate several advance payments per month for the same collaborator
  • «standard» (DTA, OPAE) payment automation
  • history of all salary information and retrieval using multiple criteria
  • possibility to calculate provisions and salary cost weightings all the year round automatically and automatic transfer of amounts into accounting
  • budgeting salaries with calculation of impacts in financial and cost accounting and automatic transfer of salary budgets to accounting
  • possibility to export data easily to inform statistical database OFS
  • possibility to import data from external systems
  • generation of customisable lists based on dynamic selection criteria
  • possibility to transfer data to Excel or Word
  • customisable scoreboards (salary costs, distribution of costs)