Sys-supply chain

Logistics Management

This module has several applications. The first allows simple management of merchandise items and inventory, the second manages provisioning, the third deals with sales, the fourth with shipments, the fifth with invoicing, and the last application enables simplified management and use of data.

Items & inventory management

This application is optimised for maximal integration with commercial (sysengage) and financial (sysfinance) management applications.


Stock management

Availability according to the period
Overall control of availability
Storage place
Batch / series, serial number
Various descriptions
Various five-level groupings
Indexes of item modification
Technical documents, photos
ABC classification
Stock rotation analysis
Automatic management of stock movements

Restocking management

Different modes of restocking
Calculation of the safety stock
Management of the restocking point
Quantity of orders
Item status
Restocking deadline
Buying terms
«Buying – production» management mode

Management of needs

Automatic generation of needs according to the triggering threshold or internal production demands
Possibility of creating a single purchase or production order combining all the needs
Taking account of restocking deadlines
Taking account of potential suppliers
Taking account of priority sequences

Additional features

Generation of physical stocktaking or valuation by periods
Management of supply demands
Management of needs
Management of supply in a comprehensive way and by periods
Management of reservations
Possible interaction with the accounting applications (sysfinance) to guarantee a better integration and rationalisation of administrative work

Provisioning management

It offers an optimal selection of suppliers, by way of a complete evaluation and a specific control of deliveries.


Purchase management

Available item ranges
Pricing based on quantity with possible discounts
Delivery deadlines
Minimum order quantity
Contracts and payment terms
Delivery terms
Delivery control
Evaluation of suppliers
Quality control
Centralisation of stock needs
Automatic generation of orders taking into account the most attractive suppliers

Order management

Different methods of order entry
Management of subcontract orders
Possibility of obtaining different deadlines for a similar order position
Management of different types of orders: on a call, according to the contract, replacement etc.
Supplementing order information with texts, delivery or internal control instructions

Additional features

Add item positions for non-stock items
Management of returns and credit notes
Statistical integration with Syslog-BI tools (Sysreporting)

Sales management

The sales management application provides an advanced management of sales as it offers the possibility to add rebates, discounts per group of customers, customers and items.


Centralised management of customers

Management of several accounts receivable (according to different currency codes etc.)
Management of several addresses for delivery, billing etc.
Precise parameter setting of customer accounts

Order management

Customer registration with delivery and billing address
Definition of delivery terms
Customer order number storage
Allocation of specific rebates and discounts
Management of subcontract orders
Possibility to enter free texts to be printed on various documents
Management of various types of orders
Possibility to separate orders according to the type of order or line of business
Management of an unlimited number of positions and different types of items
Possibility to break down an order per delivery rate
Information about the availability of an item in stock or about delivery deadlines by interactive control
Automatic proposal for delivery deadlines depending on positions

Additional features

Automatic generation of supply needs for missing spare parts
Management of annual bonuses (discounts) and sales commissions
Automatic control of solvency

Shipment management

Thanks to its shipment tracking, the application can support some sensitive issues in the shipping processes of the company.


Shipment tracking
Possibility to combine different shipments on a single bill
Management of delivery run

Invoicing management

Offers the main functions of conventional invoicing management software.



Automatic accounting of invoices in various financial applications
Possibility to modify selling prices and invoiced costs before printing the invoice
Possibility to add specific, permanent or different texts for customs authorities
Control tool for cost prices of specific items made to order
Printing of invoices with or without BVR
Printing of multilingual invoices

Additional features

Credit notes
Direct invoices
Consignment orders

Management & data use

The data to have an overall vision of the logistic chain of the company.


Sales statistics available per customer, per item and per combination of customer/item group
Possibility of budget entry per customer and per item group
Numerous choices of lists
Complete record keeping of bills, including invoiced data as well as cost prices for sold products.