Document and Archive Management

The electronic archiving functionality enables you to store your documents as well as the reports generated by the Syslog modules. Each document is indexed in such a way as to enable classification and simple, powerful and efficient searching.

The DMS (Document Management System) manages incoming documents (invoices, letters, contracts, orders, etc.) as well as outgoing documents (debtor invoices, dunning letters, sales proposals, etc.). Documents can also be transformed into legal documents with signatures to be stored in the DMS.

Sysarchive - Gestion archives et documents


Access to documents from ERP (Syslog or other)

Quick and easy addition of documents

Simplified legal archiving

Integration with your workflow software

Management of your Office documents in SharePoint (shared spaces, versioning, locking, …)

Collaborative spaces for information sharing

Interaction with other Syslog ERP modules

High availability, accessibility, user access control and security for your documents